YouPro BG-2G Battery Grip For Nikon D5100/D5200

  • Vertical shutter release/control buttons, and easy power on/off switch.
  • Anti-slip rubber surface to improve ergonomics and handling.
  • Extra shutter release cable.
  • Universal female threaded tripod receptacle.

    The YouPro BG-2G Battery Grip for Nikon is a comfortable and secure way to extend your battery life.

    It allows you to install two EN-EL14 batteries to your Camera to effectively double your shooting time.

    The design of the YouPro grip improves shooting in vertical position and also provides an overall more ergonomic structure for holding the Nikon D5100, D5200 or D5300.

     User-friendly, you can easily remove and recharge one of the batteries, while you continue shooting with the other.